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Auburn Deluxe Vintage tyre

Auburn Deluxe Vintage Classic Tyre

Introducing the newest innovation in the vintage tyre market- the Auburn Vintage Deluxe Radial. This tyre features a timeless design that includes a “pie crust” edge, square tread shoulder, and a period correct tread pattern and is available in white wall or black wall. The Auburn Vintage Deluxe Radial tyres has all of the appearance of a bias ply, with the technology of a 21st century radial. The skeleton of this tyre boasts a full radial construction, with characteristics and performance of today’s latest technology. These are brand new radial molds, not a reproduction of an outdated tyres. Designed for 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s vehicles, these tyres also have the appropriate nomenclature on the sidewall. Ranging in sizes 5.60-15 all the way to 7.50-16, the Auburn Vintage Deluxe Radial brings the classic looking bias ply tyre into the modern age!

Auburn Premium Classic Tyre

Auburn Premium Vintage Classic Tyre

Another new/innovative product from Diamond Back Classic Radials continues with our Auburn Premium Classic tyre. This tyre features new professionally designed molds with period correct tread styles for 60s, 70s, and 80s cars. We are proud to offer this nostalgic radial built in new molds with the latest technology available. The Auburn Premium Classic Tyre line fits the bill for the car owner looking for the period correct look but does not want to have to sacrifice ride quality to get it. Our Auburn Premiums Classic Tyres are the pinnacle of superior ride quality while looking the part! The Auburn Premium Classic Tyre is available in Wide whitewall, Narrow White wall, Redline, Goldline and Blueline.

TT Classic Roadmaster

T.T Classic Roadmaster Vintage Tyre

The TT Classic Roadmaster Vintage Tyre range is a very popular well priced Vintage X ply tyre, available in 12 sizes it has a full complement from 16” right up to the 475/500x20. Soon to be added is the 475/500x17 and 525/550x17 tyre. The T/T Classic Roadmaster has been on the since 2014 and continues to increase its market share in the Vintage and classic tyre market, Next time you are at a Car Show look for the T/T Classic Roadmaster Vintage Tyre Brand.

BF Goodrich silvertown

B.F.Goodrich Silvertown Vintage Tyre

B.F.Goodrich Silvertown Vintage Tyre are known worldwide by many to be the best choice for quality vintage and classic car restoration. The BF Goodrich Silvertown Vintage Tyre are available from 10” right up to 28” diameter rims and an choose of a white wall or black sidewall. Since 1870 The B F Goodrich Silvertown has been the industry leader in quality cross ply Vintage Tyres and Classic Tyres offering affordability and comfortable ride. We are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of these authentic vintage and classic cross ply tyres.

Firestone vintage tyre

Firestone Vintage Tyres.

Firestone Vintage Tyre is the Mark of Quality, Firestone Gum Dipped and Firestone Non Skid are all slogans that have helped Firestone cross ply tyres become great. Firestone Vintage and Classic Tyres has been the leader in quality workmanship. Since Harvey sold Firestone tyres to Henry Ford for his famous now Vintage Model T. The Firestone Vintage brand name is sin ominous with quality and style and is available from 13 diameter rims up to 21 diameter rim. The Firestone Vintage Tyres is also available in a full classic Whitewall with the script of Firestone in bedded in the White wall. North Hants Tyres has been selling the Firestone X ply Vintage Tyre, Classic Tyre and Beaded Edge Tyre brand in its stores since 1948.

TT Classic Victory

T/T Classic Victory and Trials Supreme

The T/T Classic Victory is by far one of the most popular Vintage motorcycle tyre brands, it has the original Bobber style or Café Racer style tread and will look totally authentic on any Vintage / Classic Motorcycle. The T/T Classic Victory has even been retro fitted on new bikes such as the Triumph and MBW. It is a cross ply period tyre but the look is ageless! The new T/T Classic Trials supreme was introduced as several customers were finding it difficult to find period Trials Bike tyres in 18” and 19”, we have filled the void with a complete range so now any vintage trials bike can enter shows and competitions without the fear of using very old tyres.

Radar renegade AT 5

Radar Renegade AT 5

The Radar Renegade A/T 5 is the exceptional all-terrain tyre range in the Radar Tyre Renegade family. This range has been designed for most SUVs and light trucks and vehicles with lift kits. The Radar Renegade A/T 5 features the innovative and unique stone-ejector-technology that prevents stones from drilling and lodging in the tread. It has been test proven against the best competitors in the toughest terrains. This makes The Radar Renegade A/T 5 a ideal choice for those who like to venture off-road but need an assured ride on-road as well. All sizes in The Radar Renegade A/T 5 have the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol (3PMSF).

Radar renegade AT Pro

Radar Renegade AT Pro

The Radar Renegade A/T Pro is the brand new all-terrain range from Radar Tyres that is engineered for drivers that need exceptional off-road performance while giving a quiet, smooth on-road ride. The Radar Renegade A/T Pro range offers a combination of increased off-road grip and handling with excellent traction. The Radar Renegade A/T Pro also utilize a special silica based tread compound that offers outstanding cut and chip resistance along with the all-new innovative “M-sipe”, designed for Maximum grip in all conditions. The Radar Renegade A/T Pro features a Rattlesnake inspired dual sidewall design which allows you to customize the look of your vehicle. The “fang” side features a snake head design and fangs for added traction and the “rattle” side features a snake tail design for added protection.

Radar renegade RT Plus

Radar Renegade RT Plus

The Renegade R/T Plus is the all-new rugged terrain range that is designed to give exceptional off-road performance coupled with on-road comfort and sophistication. On-road, The Renegade R/T Plus gives drivers superior handling with a quiet and smooth ride, while off-road it has the capability to go anywhere that a pure M/T tyre can. All Renegade R/T Plus come with a Dual Sidewall design and gives drivers a choice of either the mud penetrating sidewall with dagger shaped lugs or the flaming demon design with wedge-shaped lugs. These lugs offer added traction and sidewall protection.

Radar renegade X

Radar Renegade X

The Renegade-X is the all new and top-of-the-line extreme terrain tyre range from Radar Tires. The Renegade-X innovative "stealth" inspired tyre is born out of the partnership between Radar Tyres and leading Italian automotive design house GFG Style. This feature-packed Renegade-X range is designed and engineered for drivers that need extreme off-road performance on mud, rocks, gravel and sand while offering durability and an aggressive aesthetic that enthusiasts crave.

Galaxy tyres

Galaxy Classic Tyre

North Hants Tyres have been sole UK distributor for the Galaxy tyres Brand for since 2011 and initially purchased just the small range of Van whitewalls for the VW Transporter market but we soon worked with the company to develop a full range of White wall tyres that includes 155x13 for English Classic right up to 235/75x15 for the big heavy Yank Tanks such as Lincoln and Buick's. Several years later we worked on development and paid for the Galaxy R1 Radial moulds. Our remit was that it should have Raised White Letters and that it should have a VR speed index and handle and grip to the road like glue. The engineers did us proud and we are pleased with the result. The Galaxy RI tyre is the only V rated tyre on the market with Raised White Letter and is fully ECE approved. Vehicles such as the Cobra Replica cars were struggling to pass SVA and borrowing old speed rated tyres just to pass the test. The Galaxy tyre has solved this problem. The brand now has over 40 sizes and from our 25,000sq ft warehouse we can supply most items on a 24/48hr working day service and just a little longer to Europe and beyond.

BF Goodrich Radial T/A

B F Goodrich Radial T/A Classic Tyres

The BF Goodrich Radial T/A or Radial Traction Advantage to give it’s full name is the first choose for the American Muscle car and Street Rod Market, The BF Goodrich Radial T/A is a Classic Tyre with the iconic B F Goodrich Raised Radial T/A in Raised White Letters sidewall and is speed rated up to 112 MPH. The Radial T/A is designed with a wide, low profile competition look that provides crisp handling and the G-Wedge Technology provide enhanced lateral stability. The B.F Goodrich is available in 60 series and 70 Series for your American Muscle Car, Street Rod or Classic Car.

BF Goodrich g-force comp 2

B.F Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 ZR

The BF Goodrich is the ultimate Z speed rated tyre. Designed to deliver what the most demanding driver looks for, excellent wet traction with a quiet ride and superb stable handling. The choice tyre for the worlds finest sports cars. The BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 has several hard to find sizes for the Camaro IROC, Pontiac GTA, Corvette C3 and even Ferrari Tessarosa.