195R14 Inner Tube

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Part No: IT14195SW
Fitment: 195R14 205R14
205/70R14 215/70R14
750x14 775x14 800Xx4
F78x14 G78x14 H78x14
Valve Type: Offset Rubber TR13
Type: Vintage Car Tube


This is a Radial tube with a TR13 Offset rubber stem. Recommended application is for Radial or Bias Ply tyres and the recommended tyre fitment is for a 195R14, 205R14, 205/70R14, 215/70R14, 750x14, 775x14, 800x14, F78x14, G78x14, H78x14  tyre. Fits 14 inch diameter tyres. This radial tyre inner tube has a TR13 rubber stem and the valve stem location is Offset. TR13 stem is rubber stem 1 1/2 inches tall, 3/8 inch in diameter. Actual item may differ from photo. 

North Hants Tyres features a huge selection of automotive tyre tubes for vintage and classic vehicles. Swift brand tubes are built to meet our specifications using premium grade materials and are ISO9001 quality system certificated. They are designed specifically for their applications, to provide a high quality inner tube solution and reliable service life. These are excellent quality tubes, available in a wide range of sizes for vintage, American and specialty vehicle applications.


Fitment: 195R14 205R14 , 205/70R14 215/70R14 , 750x14 775x14 800x14, F78x14 G78x14 H78x14
Type: Vintage Car Tube
Valve type: Offset Rubber TR13

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