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25mm Billet Wheel Adapter 5-4.50 to 5-5.50

wheel spacer kit

Library photo used, style may differ.

Technical Details

Part No: WA5450-5550
Vehicle Stud Pattern: 5-114.30 mm (5-4.50")
Wheel Stud Pattern: 5-139.70 mm (5-5.50")
Width: 1" / 25 mm
Centre Hole Diameter 2.81" 71.5 mm
Thread on Adapter: 1/2"
Materil: Heat treated 6061-T6 Billet Aluminium.

You must make sure that you have enough thread/Turns on your nuts or bolts after fitting the spacer.
For help or advice please contact our office.

Adapters are sold in pairs
Additional Wheel nuts may be required.

Wheel adapters are discs that can be mounted on a vehicle's wheel hub assembly to change the existing bolt pattern. for instance, the right wheel adapter can change a vehicle's bolt pattern from late Ford to Early Ford Stud Pattern.