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1050x16 Speciality Tyres of America

1050x16 STA

Library photo used, tread may differ slightly.

Technical Details

Marked Tyre Size: 1050x16
Make: STA
Tyre Type: Vintage Crossply tyre
Season: -
Whitewall Width: - -
Tread Width: 8.80" 223 mm
Section Width: 10.50" 267.00 mm
Overall Diameter: 38.20" 970 mm
Load Capacity: 3030lbs / 666kgs @ 50 PSI
Load Index: -
Speed Rating: -
Construction: -
Tube or Tubeless: Tubeless

All Dimensions listed are as stated by the manufactures, are to be used as a guide only, and are subject to change without prior notice.
North Hants Tyres cannot be held responsible for any changes or differences in these measurements.

What does the crossply vintage tyres measurement mean?

Crossply vintage tyres can be marked in couple of ways, a single measurement like 450x18 or a couple of measurements like 475/500x18. Crossply vintage tyre sizes are given as the height and width of the section of the tyre(450"), plus the diameter of the tyre(18").
Example: 450x18 is 4.5" inches overall width and height of one section of the tyre. 4.5 x 2 = 9 then add the rim diameter (18 inch rim diameter) to the section width 18 + 9 = 27.00 overall diameter.
Crossply vintage tyres do not conform to strict regulations like radial tyres do, so this measurement is not always 100% accurate and can change from manufacturer to manufacturer.