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Covid-19 Update.

(11.30 Wednesday 24th March 2020)

Working Together

As you may have heard, the PM and the UK Government have placed the UK in lockdown. Therefore, non essential businesses such as ourselves have to keep our office closed and all our staff remain at home for at least the next 3 weeks.
We would still appreciate you viewing our website, and you can still call us for information and place phone orders or order online,in fact we would love to hear from you!
Due to the current Government guidelines, and to protect our staff and their families, we are closed for visits and collection of goods.


Goods ordered by 12 noon will go out same day for delivery in 24/48 hours (subject to carriers) We have only one member of staff working, the remainder are on lockdown, so please bear with us.


Our website will work 24/7 to accept orders
Personal contact and questions - 01252 318666 or 01252 961846
Email - please send to E-Mail: or to your normal staff member contact email, or emails will be answered by myself.

We hope that everyone stays safe during this period and we look forward to seeing you soon.

John Pettifor
MD North Hants Tyres

TT Classic Roadmaster Vintage Tyres
New Sizes.

TT Classic Roadmaster Vintage Tyres is now available in two new vintage car sizes, the 475/500x19 Vintage Roadmaster and 475/500x20 Vintage Roadmaster. The TT Classic Roadmaster tread is a classic vintage pattern which are made from brand new moulds, which give you a sharp definition in the tread unlike other brand which use old worn out moulds.

The New
TT Classic Trials Supreme Motorcycle Tyre
From TT Classic.

The New Classic Motorcycle Trials Supreme Tyre from TT Classic, The TT Classic Motorcycle Trials Supreme is now available from stock in the following sizes.
350x18, 400x18, 350x19, 400x19, prices starting from £50.00 each + vat.

tt classic motorcycle trails

The Galaxy Classic Tyre Range.

North Hants Tyres have been developing the Galaxy range now for over 4 years and are still adding new styles and sizes to the range. The range includes the popular R1 with its Raised White Letter design, and has been developed with the H rating (speeds up to 130 mph) or the V rating (speeds up to 149 mph) which is ideal for the AC Cobra, Ford Mustang, GT 40, Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette and El Camino and not to miss out the Chrysler/Dodge Charger, Challenger and other Muscle Cars from this era.

Galaxy tyres range

The Galaxy R1 is available in both Whitewall and blackwall design, and has been developed for the older Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Jaguar and VW Transporter, which need the classic Whitewall looks.
The Galaxy Voyager S500 and S600 is a radial tyre and are available in 650R16 (a popular fitments for the Mk VI Bentley and Mk IX Jaguar) 700R16 (1930s American Classics such as Packard, Cadillac and Lincoln) and 750R16 (for Hot Rods and the Rolls Royce Silver Wraith)

Auburn Vintage Deluxe Radial Tyres 15-16 Sizes

Introducing the newest innovation in the vintage tyre market- the Auburn Vintage Deluxe Radial. This tyre features a timeless design that includes a “pie crust” edge, square tread shoulder, and a period correct tread pattern. The Auburn Vintage Deluxe Radial tyres has all of the appearance of a bias ply, with the technology of a 21st century radial. The skeleton of this tyre boasts a full radial construction, with characteristics and performance of today’s latest technology. These are brand new radial molds, not a reproduction of an outdated tyres. Designed for 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s vehicles, these tyres also have the appropriate nomenclature on the sidewall. Ranging in sizes 5.60-15 all the way to 7.50-16, the Auburn Vintage Deluxe Radial brings the classic looking bias ply tyre into the modern age!

alburn deluxe tyre

The New Kansei Wheel Range
Volkswagen Transporter T5 & T6

orange t5

Volkswagen T5 and T6 fitted with 18x9 Kansei KN-13 Corsa

xd818 heist

Kansie Alloy Wheels
KN-13 Corsa

Click here to see Tyre and Wheel packages for your T5 and T6